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Montoya Building Services

Food Plant Sanitation Services

Since food sanitation is a crucial element in your company’s operation, MBS will partner with you to provide professional sanitarians that will perform at the highest standards to ensure government regulations are met, while maintaining a clean, wholesome environment at your facility.
MBS meticulously manages every detail of the food sanitation process, which includes handling cleaning crews, ensuring that your documentation meets the most stringent of regulations, assessing problem points in your operation, as well as providing other actionable solutions. We employ cost-efficient cleaning methods that will reduce expenses that are common in the industry, while executing a complete cleaning service that will guarantee your food plant is completely safe and sanitary.


Prior to the presentation of any service proposal, each client is interviewed, assessed and researched extensively. This exploratory process provides MBS with a unique understanding of the values, expectations and needs of your sanitation program. Our first and most important goal is to TRULY UNDERSTAND our client’s needs and values prior to proposing any solution.

Why outsource your sanitation program?

  • Avoid struggling with high turnover rates and let us handle the headaches associated with hiring, training and managing workers
  • Ensure on-time startups
  • Our core business is contract cleaning, which means higher levels of cleaning and sanitizing
  • Reduce costs with fixed price vs. unpredictable variable costs
  • No more handling tasks associated with PPE, chemical ordering, HAZCOM, LOTO, confined space procedures training, and the development and annual review of cleaning methods
  • Reduced worker liability
  • Keep up-to-date with continuous changes in Food Industry cleaning regulations and procedures

Why choose us?

  • Benefit from our many years of experience in contract cleaning and sanitation program development and implementation, cost control measures, and innovative methods of pathogen detection and removal
  • Your operations will start on time
  • MBS sanitarians will get you prepared for BRC, SQF, AIB and other third party audits
  • Our continuous education keeps you up-to-date with ever changing government procedures and records requirements
  • Be audit ready at all times
  • Our carefully developed strategies enable us to consistently provide top caliber cleaning and sanitizing services
  • We will incorporate your current cleaning crew into our labor force
  • Highly competitive rates

Our documentation program includes:

  • Written Sanitation Program
  • Development of Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs)
  • Daily Work Cards
  • Master Sanitation Schedule
  • Pre-op Inspection and Checklists
  • Corrective and Preventative Actions
  • Chemical Program
  • Chemical and Sanitizer Documentation
  • ATP testing
  • Monthly Food Safety Audits
  • HazCom and GMP Training
  • Ongoing Employee Training

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